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Mission Critical Contact Center Platform


With APEX, your contact center will become more agile than ever before. Legacy technology doesn’t have flexibility, so we’ve built APEX to be a responsive solution. We’ve created a quick, pain-free integration and a simple, user-friendly one-screen interface to bring contact centers into the present and beyond. Read why New Orleans chose APEX.

APEX is fully i3 compliant and designed by communication experts according to the highest industry standards.

Unified Ecosystem

Unify the flow of audio, enhanced data, third party applications, IoT devices, and more with Carbyne APEX. Disseminate this information in real time from callers to contact centers to first responders for better decisions and safer outcomes.


Carbyne APEX offers an array of customization capabilities including live closed-captioning, pre-configured language translation, and more. Activate the customized features that your mission-critical operations demand, and expand your services as your needs grow.

Superior Connectivity

Carbyne APEX is failsafe to keep everyone safe. APEX is resilient to infrastructure failures and most internet outages due to the robust and secure cloud infrastructure APEX is built on. Unlike legacy on-premises technology, APEX remains online and fully functional even when your center suffers natural disasters and infrastructure issues.

“APEX will replace our call-handling solution. All of the functionality that we have had on top of that existing platform will be integrated into one single solution—enhanced data, connected vehicles, audio transcription in real time.”

— Tyrell Morris , OPCD Executive Director

“We’re able to get off those CAMA trunks and be brought directly into the cloud. If we needed to spin up more phone systems in one of the neighboring counties it wouldn’t be hard.”

— Ted Sparks, Executive Director of the Logan 911 emergency operations center

“The Carbyne team helps ensure that our nation’s first responders and the operators of critical infrastructure have the tools and information they need to effectively respond to any crisis.”

— Kirstjen Nielsen, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

“Partnering with Carbyne will further empower our thousands of public safety customers with the new frontier in text messaging, video and more best in class solutions. We look forward to working closely with Carbyne.”

— Dave Zolet, Centralsquare CEO

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